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We are an independent publisher specialising in military history books and we are based in the United Kingdom. Our new Military memoir book publishing service is becoming very popular with ex-service men and women wanting to write their memoirs either for close friends and family or even to make avaiable to buy through the likes of Amazon.


Our publications cover a wide range of military subjects, including: The British Army, Enigma, Ultra, Signals Intelligence, the French Army, the United States Army, the German Army and U-Boats, Far Eastern Campaigns, Insurgency and Counter Insurgency (including Afghanistan), and Indian Military History Books.


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Never In Rags

By Jeff Dugdale

Released Summer 2016


Introduction by leading Civil War

Historian William Frassanito

HARDBACK £65.00 Plus P&P

To pre-order by e-mail: enquiries@militarypress.co.uk

Containing 1034 pages, numerous full colour

illustrations, and in Royal 234x156mm format.

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The Secret War of Hut 3



by John Jackson


A new series of publications from the Archives of Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was the “home” of the British code breaking activities in World War II. It was here that the German and Japanese radio signals were sent to be de-cyphered and then distributed to the Allied leaders and field commanders. The Archive represents a unique body of knowledge which now for the first time will be used to publish a series of monographs


Volume 1: The Secret War of Hut 3



by Lee Sharp


The French Army in 1939 was considered to be the most powerful military organisation in Europe. This is a multi volume series in which for the first time accurately details the organisation, formations and units of the French Army of 1939 - 1940.


French Army





The Armies of the Indian Princely States



by Richard Head and Tony McClenaghan


This volume sets the Princely States into the overall context of the British Indian Empire, listing those States which participated in the Schemes, as well as reference to the British raised contingents and subsidiary forces. The introduction of the IST Scheme and it’s later replacement, the ISF Scheme is detailed and the states and units involved in them are listed as are Indian army units raised from within the states in time of war.



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